Introducing Edith Pearson


I am Edith Pearson and I am running to become the next Toronto Catholic District School Board Trustee for Ward 10. I am running because I believe that providing an excellent education is essential to ensure that students have the opportunity to reach their full potential. I have been an advocate for parents since my children started school. I have been a member of the Catholic School Advisory Council for more than ten years, as well as secretary and co-chair.

I will work with the teachers and the ministry to improve the success of our students in mathematics. For example, our primary students should learn basic arithmetic, their time tables and coding skills.

I will support the school principals, and try to ensure that they have the final say regarding all the extra- curricular activities in the secondary schools.

Finally, I will also support full inclusion of our special needs students. These students should be able to go to the school which is the nearest to their home.

So, on October 27th don’t forget to cast your vote, vote for Edith Pearson.

Thank You for your support,

Edith Pearson

contact- edithpearson@rogers.com

edith pearson